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An independent medical examination (IME) is a medical evaluation performed by a healthcare professional who does not have a prior treatment relationship with the patient. IMEs are requested and utilized by insurance companies, employers, and attorneys for personal injury claims and workers’ compensation cases to evaluate an individual’s disability and potential future medical treatment. Juris Medicus is a leader in IME services throughout Texas, South Carolina, and Florida. Our objective is to provide quality, timely, unbiased IMEs so clients can make necessary decisions related to their claims. We have designed this page to provide additional insight into the benefits of our IME service. If you have any questions or want additional information, reach out.

Doctor with Patient - Expert Witness in Texas and South Carolina
Doctor with Patient - Medical Expert Witness in Texas and South Carolina

What Is an Independent Medical Examination?

An independent medical examination is performed by a trained physician or medical professional who has not previously provided any treatment or established a physician-patient relationship with the patient to be examined. These evaluations are generally used for legal or administrative proceedings, such as workers’ compensation, disability claims, or personal injury litigation, to assess the patient’s condition and potential future medical treatment needs. Written reports, if required, will be completed in a timely manner and provided to our clients. Attorneys or insurance companies use the written medical opinion to counter or support an individual’s claim.

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Discover the Benefits of IMEs

The physicians or healthcare providers who complete these objective evaluations must remain neutral and unbiased. Further, IMEs provide a range of benefits to insurance claims or attorneys litigating on behalf of their client in a workers’ compensation matter. Our services provide detailed medical reports that, when used in legal proceedings, can resolve disputes, concerns, and questions regarding medical treatment and the condition of the patient in question. Here is a list of some additional benefits our independent medical evaluations provide:
  • Help remove roadblocks preventing rapid case resolution
  • Dependable objective medical reports
  • Help determine the appropriate treatment plan
  • Provide cost-saving measures to prevent inappropriate treatment 

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Are There Different Types of Objective Evaluations?

Juris Medicus works with more than 450 medical professionals and offers several types of IMEs. Our professionals cover more than 85 different medical specialties and sub-specialties. This allows us to confidentially provide IMEs focused on the needs of the attorneys. Take a look at the different types of independent medical evaluations we offer:
  • General medical examination: a medical evaluation performed by a medical professional who was not previously involved in the treatment of the patient to evaluate the patient's course of prior treatment, current condition, and/or necessity of future treatment
  • Cognitive functional capacity evaluation: similar to a functional capacity evaluation, this test is focused on an individual’s cognitive ability, such as attention, memory, planning, and problem-solving
  • Mental health IME: qualified psychiatrists or psychologists conduct mental health IMEs to assess for mental or behavioral health disorders; the main goal is to determine whether an impairment is present and how it will impact an individual’s daily life 

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What to Expect During an IME

The physician or healthcare provider reviews available medical records and conducts a patient interview to learn and complete a thorough medical examination. Here are additional factors and aspects our providers review during an IME:
  • Manifestations of injury: the provider will review medical records, tests, and radiology studies; they will evaluate subjective complaints such as pain, discomfort, and insensitivity; the medical professional will perform several different tests to validate the claims

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Depending on Our Qualified Medical Examiners

Juris Medicus has more than 450 medical expert witnesses on our team, covering more than 85 different specialties. While each type of IME requires a different professional, our experts are licensed, board-certified, or board eligible. Our medical experts are selected via invitation, and each is thoroughly vetted through their corresponding licensing board. Further, we perform follow-up reviews every six months to ensure our experts are the best in the field. We identify a panel of experts based on your legal proceedings. 

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How to Schedule a Medical Examination

Scheduling an independent medical examination is straightforward. Reach out and provide us with information regarding your case, which medical evaluation you need, and any additional pertinent information. Our team will reach out and discuss potential experts who could assist. Once agreed upon, an appointment will be scheduled. 

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Rely on Juris Medicus for a Medical Assessment

Independent medical examinations are necessary for certain legal proceedings, including personal injury, insurance claims, and workers’ compensation claims. Juris Medicus works with leading medical experts throughout Texas, South Carolina, and Florida to provide reliable medical assessments. We can handle any request regarding IMEs, including mental health examinations. We strive to support our clients at each step while working with a team of experienced paralegals. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an IME for your legal proceedings. 

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