Our San Antonio office is moving. Effective February 27, 2023, our new office location is 10101 Reunion Place, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78216

Protect Your Case By Aligning Legal Services with Medical Experts

Our approach allows clients to focus on case strategy and meet deadlines.

      • 275+ Vetted Medical Experts

      • 99.9% Deadlines met

      • 100% of Cases Managed by Paralegals


Indexing of Records

Following all records being volumized, our medical records specialists organize the contents into an Index of Records. This document creates an efficient outline for our medical experts as they review all the submitted files. This document is also provided to our client if requested.

Medical Billing and Coding Review

We provide medical billing controversion utilizing current geographic-specific data by credentialed specialists with years of experience in billing, coding, and auditing practice.

Medical Examinations

We provide independent medical examinations performed by our vetted and credentialed medical expert witnesses to evaluate the course of prior treatment, current condition, and validity of diagnosis.

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