Repeatable Results Using The JM Process

We protect our clients time and deadlines by following a proven process with educated paralegals leading the way


      • 99.9% Deadlines Met

      • 10+ Years In Business

      • 100% of Cases Managed by Paralegals



Nancy Segrato Barnes, Esq.
Vice President & Director of Client Development

The Juris Medicus Process

We recruit and educate the best medical experts, following The JM Process. Our clients are supported through the entire legal process with experienced paralegals. We take the uncertainty out of hiring an experienced medical expert.

Our team is professional and goal-driven to make sure your expert management is seamless. We understand the process and work diligently to meet your deadlines. Our paralegal team is always available to coordinate engagement and ongoing communication with our medical experts.

Paralegal Services Team

Every case that comes to Juris Medicus is managed by a paralegal that understands the time constraints and obligations lawyers and doctors have. Our paralegals stay on the case throughout the entire life of the case connecting and coordinating all parties to ensure case objectives are being met keeping our clients on course.

The Juris Medicus Process


Scope of Work

  • Our Case Managers listen and act on our clients needs

  • CMs are prepared to provide direction on medical specialty

  • Client has final say on expert selection

  • CMs request all appropriate medical records related to the case


The Right Expert

  • Case Manager provides CVs and fee schedules for client review and selection

  • CM verifies the selected expert(s) is available based on case timeline and deadlines


Objective Index of Records

  • Our first step is to volumize the records

  • We then provide a detailed index of the records in date order

  • All supporting information is identified by Volume and Page number


Case Managers

  • Our Case Managers ensure all deadlines are met

  • CMs are available to coordinate communication between the attorney and expert

  • CMs also coordinate medical exams, depositions, trial appearances and other important activities

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