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Gilbert R. Meadows, M.D.

Founder/Chief Medical Director

Dr. Gilbert Meadows brings over 40 years of clinical experience as a board-certified and fellowship trained orthopedic spinal surgeon. He additionally founded South Texas Spinal Clinic and spearheaded the development of South Texas Spine and Surgical Hospital in San Antonio.


Mark M. Johnson

Executive Chairman

Mark Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge in business development with over 50 years of executive experience. He additionally serves on numerous boards in San Antonio and is very active within the local community and throughout South Texas.


Shaun D. Kennedy


Shaun Kennedy's business experience spans over 40 years. His primary responsibility is to continue to fuel the growth of Juris Medicus with a specific focus outside of our headquarters in San Antonio.


Nancy Segrato Barnes, Esq.

Vice President

Nancy Barnes brings both a background in healthcare and law to Juris Medicus. She has over 15 years of top performance and success in the orthopedic medical device arena and she is also an attorney. She is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas.


Sarah Crimmins

Director of Expert Recruiting & Development

Sarah Crimmins is a former RN with 30 years of collective clinical practice as both an OR Circulator for Methodist Healthcare System and Clinical Coordinator for Dr. Gilbert Meadows and Dr. Joel Jenné at South Texas Spinal Clinic in San Antonio. She is a graduate of Trinity University’s Interdepartmental Secondary Education Program and served as an instructor of biological science and human anatomy and physiology for a local public school system.


Robyn Priest

Case Manager Supervisor

Robyn Priest is a certified paralegal who has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of roles to include, litigation and law firm management. She brings this knowledge to Juris Medicus to help deliver dependable solutions to our clients.

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