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Pain Management

Juris Medicus works with multiple medical experts who are board-certified in pain medicine.

Pain medicine or pain management is the medical discipline concerned with the prevention of pain, and the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of persons in pain. Because of the vast scope of the field, pain medicine is a multidisciplinary subspecialty.

Pain medicine specialists use a broad-based approach to treat all pain disorders, ranging from pain as a symptom of disease to pain as the primary disease. Pain management specialists help control pain with medications, procedures, exercises, and therapy and are skilled at the differentiation between the types of pain and how best to relieve, reduce, or manage it while improving overall quality of life.

Four common types of pain are:
• Acute: This type of pain is sharp and often results from an injury. This type of pain can result from a bone fracture, muscle spasms, a burn, or other kind of accident. Some illnesses and disorders, such as appendicitis and shingles, will also cause acute pain.
• Chronic: This pain lasts more than six months. This type of pain can result from an untreated injury or disease. It can also result from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or nerve damage (neuropathy).
• Nociceptive: This pain is caused by an injury, physical pressure, or inflammation of some part of the body. It can be sudden and short-lived or long-lasting. It can affect internal organs (visceral pain) or the musculoskeletal system (somatic pain).
• Neuropathic: Problems with the nervous system cause neuropathic pain (nerve pain). This occurs when nerves fire pain signals to the brain by mistake, even when they are not damaged. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS) and HIV commonly cause this type of pain.

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