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Juris Medicus has a credentialed orthotist and prosthetist (CPO) who has experience as a peer reviewer and has provided medical prosthetic evaluations and developed lifetime prosthetic needs assessments as a medical expert.

An orthotist creates devices like braces and splints (orthotics) for individuals needing added support for body parts weakened by musculoskeletal or neurological conditions. Orthotics improve biomechanical fusion, encourage proper joint alignment, or protect an existing limb A prosthetist is a healthcare professional who makes and fits artificial limbs (prostheses) that replace a part of the body. This includes artificial legs and arms for people who have had amputations related to cancer, diabetes, or injury/trauma or missing body parts due to a congenital disorder. Prostheses are intended to augment and restore the normal functions of the missing body part. Prosthetists use the designation CP, or certified prosthetist, to describe their credentials. A medical professional credentialed as an orthotist and a prosthetist is a CPO. Prosthetists and orthotists follow the same general educational path. They both require a master’s degree and a 1-year residency in their chosen field. Professionals certified in both specialties complete an 18-month residency. Some states require orthotists and prosthetists to become licensed.

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