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Juris Medicus has a fellowship trained neuro‑ophthalmologist who has been rated a “Top Ophthalmologist” by Leading Physicians of the World.

A neuro‑ophthalmologist treats visual complications caused by neurologic disorders, such as those originating in the optic nerve or brain, rather than from the eye itself.

This expert completes a yearlong fellowship in neuro‑ophthalmology beyond a standard 3‑year ophthalmology residency. Neuro‑ophthalmology additionally focuses on disorders that produce abnormal eye movements, also referred to as nystagmus.

Other conditions that are diagnosed and treated by a neuro‑ophthalmologist are optic neuritis, ocular manifestations of multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, visual field defects, and visual disorders associated with a stroke.

Neuro‑ophthalmologists are considered a “rare breed” given that they encompass a subspecialty of both neurology and ophthalmology and there presently aren’t many full-time practitioners in the United States.

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