Our Team of Professionals Keep the Medical Expert Process Simple for You

1. Contact A Juris Medicus Representative

Call Juris Medicus to discuss your case and let us help you determine the appropriate medical expert based on the specialty requested and our knowledge of the expert’s availability.

2. Send Case Files

Send Juris Medicus the case files, which should include medical records, imaging and any relevant legal documents you would like addressed by the expert such as incident reports, photos, transcripts, and affidavits.

3. Get a Timely Response

Juris Medicus ensures that the medical expert reviews the case files in the requested timeframe and speaks to the point person for your case. Juris Medicus specializes in meeting tight deadlines and can process an expedited records review and IME if requested.

4. Send Additional Records as Necessary

Similar to the initial set of files, you can submit other documents and imaging throughout the discovery process to Juris Medicus. We will ensure the expert reviews the additional data and provides a response on time.

5. Scheduling

Contact Juris Medicus to coordinate any conference calls, meetings, independent medical examinations, depositions or trial appearances. We are your one stop when dealing with the medical expert and have an in-depth understanding of the doctor’s schedule and responsive office contacts.