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Cardiovascular Surgery

Juris Medicus has internal medicine experts who are board-certified in cardiovascular disease, interventional cardiology, and cardiac electrophysiology.

Cardiovascular surgery, also referred to as cardiac surgery or heart surgery, describes any surgical procedure that involves the heart and/or the blood vessels that carry blood to and from the heart. These procedures are common with patients who have heart disease or have had a heart attack, stroke, or blood clot—as well as individuals who are at high risk for developing these problems.

Cardiovascular surgeons are highly trained physicians that operate on your heart and blood vessels to repair damage caused by diseases or disorders of the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular surgeons perform many different types of operations, including heart valve repair and replacement, heart defect repair, coronary artery bypass, aneurysm repair, trans myocardial laser revascularization, and heart transplantation. They also perform operations on the blood vessels in the body, including the aorta—the body’s main blood supplier. Heart surgery today may also include the use or implantation of ventricular assist devices (VADs), mechanical devices that “assist” the failing heart by helping it pump blood throughout the body.

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