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Juris Medicus dedicates our entire team to make the medical expert process as simple as possible for attorneys. We are a strategic partner as the single point of contact for all matters relating to the medical expert, allowing attorneys and their staff to spend more time on other aspects of the case.

Single Point of Contact

Juris Medicus makes finding and managing an expert witness simple. We are your single point of contact throughout the entire case. We help you determine the appropriate medical expert for your case, provide you one place to send records and then help schedule all reviews, calls, meetings, independent medical examinations, depositions and testimonies to meet your timeframe. Juris Medicus has one fee schedule that is universal for all medical experts, and we are your single source for all billing inquiries.

An Accessible Team of Professionals

We make sure our knowledgeable, professional staff is available for you and will answer any questions or arrange communication with your medical experts when needed.

Credentialed Medical Experts

Juris Medicus works with medical experts that are at the top of their respective fields of medicine. We only recommend medical experts that are clear of conflicts, are up-to-date on their medical licenses, board certifications, accreditations, and affiliations.

Secure and Confidential

We understand that we are working with extremely sensitive and confidential information. We pride ourselves on maintaining full compliance with all regulatory requirements concerning the secure transmission, storage and handling of medical records, case information and personal health information. We properly manage and ensure that we maintain all documents until the conclusion of your case.

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